Sick Days

I hate being sick.  I don’t like feeling helpless and unproductive, I don’t like taking medicine, and I especially don’t like missing out on whatever else it is that I’m supposed to be doing.

As it turns out, I also don’t like mothering a sick baby.  Vera’s had a cold for a week now.  Thankfully she hasn’t had a fever or even a bad cough; she’s just been super snotty and her one eye is constantly goopy.  (Which, by the way, I am absolutely indebted to the Nose Frida and I think it’s one of those essential items for all parents of infants.)  Actually, Vera’s attitude is pretty admirable and something I should probably try to model when I’m sick.  She’s been her regular smiley, goofy, and energetic self.  She’s even been full out giggling, which she doesn’t always do!

But…I’m still pretty bummed because we’ve had to miss out on a bunch of things that we’d normally be doing.  So far we’ve missed Refresh, a MOPS playdate, church, and a MOPS meeting.  (I did manage to sneak us into one Baby Story Time at the library….shhhh!)

It’s been really hard to make the call that Vera needs to stay home….because it means I have to stay home, too.  If I were better at relaxing, I might actually take advantage of the extra time at home to catch up on my own sleep or read a book or something.  But instead, I go, go, go, and fill up all my time.  It’s not like what I’ve been doing is useless – it’s mostly helpful and productive, but even I know that most of it can wait.

God, help my baby get better, and help me be okay with just being her mom right now and not filling up all my time with other things.

Re-Entering the World the Blogging

I don’t want to make any promises, but I’m hoping to get back into blogging more regularly.

I’m setting a couple ground rules for myself as I re-enter this world:

1) It doesn’t matter how frequently I post (even though I like structure and rhythm and routines and could easily set some sort of arbitrary standard for how often I’m blogging.)

2) I don’t need to have a bunch of photos (even though I prefer when there’s photos in blogs.)

3) My posts can (and should be) short (even though I’m generally a long-winded person.)

So, here’s to a new beginning of intermittently sharing bits and pieces of our life now that we’re a family of three!

(And, because I can’t help myself with the photos, here’s a picture of sweet Vera taken a few days ago with my brand new phone.  So new, in fact, that I hadn’t even peeled the clear sticker off of the camera lens yet.)IMG_1458