We went to the cabin a couple of weeks ago with our friends, Aaron & Elizabeth.  (Also occasionally referred to as “The Bookners”, which is a combination of their last names.)  Our planning for  weekends at Guemes with them is pretty much down to a science:

1) We’re always picked up by them on a Friday at our place and once on the road, place bets in the car on when we’ll arrive in Anacortes for the ferry.  (The winner gets to choose where we eat lunch on our way back to Seattle).

2) Once at the cabin, we unpack our coolers, drop our bags, prepare a fire in the woodstove, and turn on a few of the baseboard heaters just to warm things up a bit.

3) Eat dinner (and drink draft beer) at the store.

4) Either we or the bookners are in charge of Saturday morning breakfast.  This time, it was us, and I made swedish pancakes.  Unfortunately, I totally forgot to take a picture of those, but the ones I made looked sort of like this.  We put jam on ours, though.

5) Sometime after breakfast, we always take a walk.  This time, because of the high tide for most of the day, we ended up walking on the road.  Usually, we do a long beach walk, though, and hunt for agates.

6) It’s usually about time for lunch when we return.  Elizabeth and I usually plan it so both couples contribute to the lunch.  This time, I worked on a fruit salad with persimmons, which I’d never cooked with before –  let alone eaten – while she made yummy sandwiches.  We all enjoyed the salad so much, that I had to take a picture:

7) We also read.  At a certain point, while I’m reading my book and Kyle and Aaron are reading old issues of The New Yorker, Elizabeth takes an afternoon nap.  Once she’s awake, we assemble some sort of appetizer with drinks.

8) I can’t believe I forgot to mention that we spend the whole day stoking the fire so the woodstove looks like this:

9) For dinner, once again, we usually both end up contributing something.  We had a greek theme this trip with lamb meatballs,

a sauteed veggie dish with zucchini, onions, tomato, and feta,

and what Elizabeth refers to as my “Secret Couscous”.  Oh, and of course – we have wine.  Here’s what my plate looked like:

10) In the evening, over a few more drinks, usually end up playing a game.  We played Clue this weekend, which none of us had played in ages.  We had a really good time.

11) There’s usually a dessert on our menu, too.  I made a Rum Cream Pie this time.  Yum.

12) On Sunday morning, the other couple makes breakfast.  Aaron and Elizabeth made excellent New York Breakfast sandwiches, complete with “Salt, pepper, ketchup.”

Sometimes we end up with a little extra time before it’s time to catch the ferry and we’ll take another walk.  This time, we just cleaned up the cabin, and headed out to catch the 11:15am ferry.

Our weekends away are always really predictable, but manage to leave us with unique memories and make us ready to start planning the next Guemes weekend.

Oh – p.s. I won the bet on the arrival time.  We ended up at McDonald’s for lunch on the way home.  🙂


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