I Love Fall

I feel like I’m finally able to breathe a little bit as of today.  Granted – the busyness at school will continue on through the rest of the month.   But this morning when we woke up, we realized it was one of the first mornings without a schedule that we’ve had for weeks on end.

So…we decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall morning and walk to breakfast at a new place in our neighborhood called La Bera Cafe.  Kyle had an egg, sausage, and cheese breakfast sandwich, and I had a belgian waffle with nutella, banana, and pecans on it.  What luxury!  (We’ll definitely be back and plan to try as many of their menu items as possible.)

Later tonight we’re going to the Husky Game with friends, but for now, our afternoon is looking wide open. I know there’s things I should (or at least could) do, but I just spent a little bit of time staring at this:

Don’t you love it when the sun shines into your house on a crisp fall day?  It just seems to make everything feel right….

2 thoughts on “I Love Fall

  1. I couldn’t agree more!! I can truly relate to your feelings of “finally some unscheduled time!”; now what to do with this gift? Do I utilize it to be productive? OR do I go out and play in it and revel in the beauty of the day? Hopefully you did a little of both!
    Love You!
    Aunt Lyn

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