Tapas Night

Last Friday, we had our friends Aaron and Elizabeth over for dinner.  As I thought about a menu, I knew immediately that I wanted to make these meatballs that Katy and I had made while I was in MI.  We spent a good percentage of our cooking time making recipes from “our new best friend” Molly’s book, but sadly, on the day we made the meatballs, I wasn’t planning to be at Katy and JP’s house for dinner.  I did, however, get to sample one that fell on the floor and that was enough to set me pining for more.

Once I had settled on serving the meatballs (sans any dust from our kitchen floor 🙂 ), everything else fell into place for a Tapas style dinner.

We had

The meatballs:

Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Marcona Almonds:

An Orzo Salad (in which I used spinach and cherry tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market):

And a Tzaziki Style Cucumber dish (that I forgot to take a picture of).

Later, for dessert, I served this Yogurt Lemon Cake:

Lucky for us, we had just enough leftovers for Kyle and I to eat everything again the next night.


2 thoughts on “Tapas Night

    • Nope. Just that it’s nice to eat meatballs that weren’t once on the floor. Our kitchen floor is probably way worse than yours. I haven’t been too diligent with the sweeping this summer.

      And – reading your comment made me want some more meatballs, too. And maybe those bacon wrapped dates. I have a feeling you would be a big fan of those, too. They’re sweet and savory. Yummm…

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