Growing Pains

I am pleased to say that 1) I have posted on my own without pressure from a reader that I didn’t follow-through on my promise to post once a week, and 2)we have very patient readers.  (On the other hand, I’m sorry to say that the other possibility is that we just don’t have enough readers who might collectively get disappointed if we don’t post on the blog often enough.)

Regardless – here I am – excited to share a brief account of our house shopping experience.

Kyle and I began looking at houses back in February.  On our 3rd visit, we came across this one:

We had to take our shoes off to tour this home, so my memory of walking inside is that I immediately turned into a little girl.  In my socked feet, I began sliding across the hardwood floors and clasping my hands together in delight.  Here’s a glimpse of what I saw:

Right away I was excited about the built-in decor in this home.  Being a home built in 1928 with a lot of the original features like coved ceilings and a really cool fireplace (that’s the techinical term, by the way), it was certainly the most unique house with the most charm that we had seen.  Even the bathroom had charm!

After I glided through the living room and made my way through the dining room, I came across this:

An UPDATED kitchen!!!

And the kitchen led into this:

An all-season SOLARIUM!!

I was pretty much ready to buy the house at this point, but I continued along the tour to see the 2 bedrooms upstairs, the pantry, and the extra all-purpose room in the basement.  I also took a look at the one-car garage that included a work bench space, and the backyard, which had fruit trees, raised organic garden beds, 2 healthy grape vines, and an irrigation system.

If you can’t tell by now, I was sold.  This house felt like a dream.  Kyle wasn’t sold as immediately as I.  In fact, we went on several other tours of homes with our realtor, which ultimately allowed us to spend the next 2  months comparing each house to this one.

And now – 2 months later – there’s a “SOLD” sign out front because we bought it!!!  We’re planning to close on May 25 and move in over Memorial Weekend.  (If you live closeby, expect an invitation to a “Goodbye/Hello (Moving/House Warming) Party” for that weekend. 🙂 )

We have certainly felt ready to move into a bigger space for awhile.  I think I can speak for Kyle, too, when I say that I’m ready to move out of the “one room house” environment we’re currently in and move into a house that has more than one area to live in.  We are really excited about this next big transition in our life.

Also, on a side note, this morning we had a pretty fun experience of settling in as well.  Kyle and were welcomed as new members at UPC (the church he has attended for a lifetime and that I moved to Seattle to work at and have since been attending).  Also, Kyle was baptized!  It was quite the day. 🙂  And now we have quite the month to look forward to. 🙂  (Well, let’s be honest – we’ll have quite the months ahead.)


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