A New Kyle Post

I’m pretty sure that my first (and only) post on the blog was about a year ago, because I had just started at a new project.  That’s a little embarrassing because when I first posted the new project was a hole 75 feet deep, and now the building is 13 stories above ground level.  So – my goal is to post short updates more often moving forward. We’ll see how that goes.

A few weeks ago, a local news channel came to our project and filmed for a story. Here is a link to the story.  http://www.q13fox.com/news/kcpq-southlakeunion,0,2493789.story. Lots of fun footage of the jobsite and my co-workers.  We just moved out of our jobsite office, which was this neat brick historical building, into job trailers up the street. We had to move out to start work on turning that building into a restaurant.  I’m not sure if Tom Douglas is famous out of the Seattle metro area, but he’s certainly well known within it. The link below shows the old office and our project in the background. Don’t worry, we’re going to restore the brick and get rid of the graffiti! 🙂


That’s about all on the work front…

Amy set  me up for a story in her last post about Jake Locker. Again, I’m not sure how well known Jake Locker is outside of Husky territory, but he’s certainly well known inside of it. He’s the Huskies QB and he’s very good. In fact, he’s currently the Number 1 overall draft prospect for the 2011 NFL draft. Anyways – we show up to a going-away party at a great bar near the UW a month or so ago. It’s very busy and I’m forced to sit on the periphery of the gathering, in fact I am actually sitting at another table. There are beers and coats and things around the table because the table owners are playing shuffleboard. Someone mentions to me that I’m sitting at Jake Locker’s table. Amy is pretty sure that she wouldn’t have recognized him, but I saw him playing shuffleboard and recognized him immediately. Seeing football players in person is weird for two reasons. 1). The QB usually looks so small on the field compared to everyone else. In person that turns out to be very misleading. Jake is 6’-3” and 226 pounds (I just looked it up). He was huge. 2). Because you’re used to seeing football players with their jerseys and helmets they really can blend into the crowd. In fact, I’d bet that at least half of the people at the bar didn’t know who he was. I guess I expected he’d have his jersey on or something, or at least be hanging out in the bar with his shoulder pads on J haha.

Okay – flash forward 10 minutes or so. I’m in a line to get a drink for Amy and me and someone taps me on the shoulder. It’s Jake Locker and he asks me if I’m waiting in line (it wasn’t a dumb question, because I was a little unsure if I was indeed in the line or just standing around). I told him that was pretty sure that I was. We made small talk for a few minutes as the line moved up. He seemed very down-to-earth and friendly. I got up to the front and order drinks. Jake’s girlfriend was ordering a raspberry soda lemon-tini or something. I can’t quite remember. I have drinks in hand and turn around and Jake’s in my way. I say “Excuse me Jake”. He gave me this funny smirk and let me squeeze by. Whoops!

Okay – that’s all I’ve got. We’re off to a Post St. Paddy’s day party in a couple hours that we’re looking forward too! Maybe I’ll post on that in a few days.