Another year

Along with the New Year comes Kyle’s birthday.  He was born on the Epiphany (January 6th), but we managed to spread out all of his birthday celebrations over the course of 10 days.  We began the festivities on his actual birthday by going out to one of our old favorites: Anthony’s Beach Cafe.  We love sitting at the “Food Bar” at this place because you get to watch all the chaos of the inner-workings of the restaurant from the chefs preparing the food to the relationship between the chefs and servers and the relationship between the servers and the manager.  It’s usually a pretty hopping place and we barely end up saying a word to each other while we’re there because we’re so engrossed in the restaurant activity.  Kyle’s birthday was on a Tuesday this year so, as can you can imagine, the restaurant wasn’t quite as boisterous as the more familiar Friday/Saturday environment we usually see.  We actually came away from the experience thinking that it’s almost more fun to sit at the “Food Bar” on a slow night because the chefs were participating in all sorts of covert cooking activities.  It started with us noticing two jalapeno peppers sitting in the center of two gas burners.  When the peppers disappeared, it occurred to us that the chef was roasting them to later be chopped up into a restaurant staff sized portion of nachos.  It was highly entertaining from start to finish.  Not to mention a really yummy meal of Fish Tacos.  MMmmmm.

When we got home, it was time for presents and dessert.  (Note the Red Plate for Kyle’s brownie sundae.  It’s a Wing Family tradition to eat your meal on the Red Plate when you’re celebrating special occasions: birthdays, graduations, or just good days in general.  It’s fun to be able to carry that tradition on into the Kyle and Amy Morgan family.  Now – if only we remembered to get it out more often!!)

Celebration #2 took place with friends in Ballard.  The main event was our dinner at Delancey.  Delancey is a really yummy (and really popular) wood fired pizza place.  We called mid-week asking to make a reservation for Saturday, but they were all booked.  So, we arrived when they opened (5pm) to put our name in.  We then went to the bar across the street to wait until it was our turn.  I think we finally sat down at our table shortly before 7.  But – I’ll tell ya – the wait was certainly worth it.  We ended up sharing 4 pizzas (one margherita, one sausage, one prosciutto, and one pepperoni) on top of our shared appetizers of lemony olives, a green lettuce salad, and a beet salad.  Mmmm…my mouth is starting to water just thinking about this again.  Too bad we didn’t have any food left on our plates when we managed to find time to ask our server to take our photo.

We stuck around at Delancey for awhile and found a few more photo-opps.

After dinner, we headed over to Hi-Life to share some desserts.  We ended up with butterscotch pudding, apple pie ala mode, and bread pudding.  And – of course, a good time was had by all.  By this point in the night, we started getting a little silly.  I’m not afraid to admit that there were a few Disney Songs songs sung and quite the group competition of maraschino cherry stem tying.  (Thanks Noel -pictured with Kyle below- for ordering all those Roy Rogers so we could have enough cherries to work with!)

We even managed to get a nice photo of the two of us!

We made it to one more place that nice.  (Bastille.)

So – celebration #2 was quite the night.  We actually ended up at Dick’s on the way home for a cheeseburger fix.  So, I guess that makes it 5 restaurants/bars in one night.  Granted, all of that took place over the course of 7 hours, but still – I’m impressed when I think back to how much we fit in that night.

Celebration #3 was with family.  We went to Morton’s to celebrate Kyle’s birthday and his brother, Tyler’s, acceptance to the University of Washington Dental School.  It was quite the dinner!!  Steaks, baked potatoes, vegetables, warm bread, and wine.  Yum!  The most intriguing part of the evening was having the Maitre D’ come over to me after I already had a drink in front of me only to ask if I was 21.  We got a good laugh about that and later told him so.  He thought that Tyler, the youngest at the table, looked older than me. 🙂

It was a nice night of celebration with family that began with a wonderful toast by Kyle’s dad.  He mentioned how proud he and Julie (Kyle’s mom) were of their two boys and how they had both exceeded their expectations.  I’d have to agree: those two Morgan boys are quite the men!

Back at home, we had cake and presents along with more conversations, smiles, and laughter.

So, Happy 27th Birthday, Kyle.  I’m so thrilled to be entering into this next year of life with you!

Optical Illusions

One night last week I decided to get into bed and read for awhile.  Normally when I read before bed I read my book, but I had just gotten a magazine recently, so I brought that with me, too.  When Kyle walked in a little while later, he was shocked.  This is what he saw:

Pretty creepy, huh?

It was pretty convenient that when we were telling Kyle’s family about this, they happened to have the same magazine.  It gave Kyle a chance to demonstrate the same thing.  🙂

By the way, the photo of Kyle was taken on the night of his birthday celebration with family.  More to come soon on birthday celebrations.  (He had 3.)  🙂