Vacation, Blind Pilot, Puzzling, and Christmas Cheer

Thanksgiving in MI was swell.  Being with family and seeing old friends was just the right pick-me-up.  (And, in case you were wondering, the packing went just fine.  It always does, but I just always stress about it.)

We had fun in Chicago at the wedding of my friend, Chrissy, from college.  I’m pretty confident this was the biggest gathering of Hope friends we’ve had since graduation in 2005.  The only people missing in this picture are the bride, Chrissy, and one of her bride’s maids, Andrea.  That  makes for a total of 9 Hope friends, 6 of their spouses, 2 of their kids, and 3 of their kids in the womb!

Thanksgiving week was full of playing,

anticipation of great food (not just on Thanksgiving day, but all week long),

being with family,

and smiling a lot. 🙂

It was a great week to say the least.

Returning to work was as expected: busy and stressful at times.  But, on Wednesday, we had tickets to go see Blind Pilot, which is a band we’ve taken a liking to.  The only unfortunate thing is that there were two opening bands, so while the doors opened at 8pm, the start time for  Blind Pilot was 11:20 pm.  We really liked the music of the opening bands, and of course, Blind Pilot was great, but, by the time we got home and into bed, it was 12:45am.  That’s not my ideal bedtime on a Wednesday night considering my alarm clock was set for my typical 5am wake-up.

We both made it through to the end of the week, though.  Our Friday night felt like the ideal night to recuperate after a long work week  – especially a week that had included a late night midweek! 🙂  We had a steak dinner at home with a nice bottle of wine and then we finished a puzzle we had started the previous Sunday.  I’m pretty sure we did about 3/4 of the 750 piece puzzle. Kyle and I both really like doing jigsaw puzzles.  In fact, the very first time I came out to Seattle to visit him, we worked on puzzle throughout the week.  We’re usually extremely competitive, but last night felt really relaxed and like we were working as a team rather than competing to get the most done.  We just sat there…talking, puzzling, and drinking wine.  Pretty unexpected Friday night for a couple of 26 year olds, eh? 🙂

The biggest excitement of the weekend, though, is that our house is full of Christmas cheer now!  We bought some lights for the outside of our house and got them strung today.

(You can’t see this in the photo, but we actually had a few snow flurries this evening!!!)

And – we now own a Christmas tree!  If you’ve been to our house before, you may be wondering where we have space for a Christmas tree…

Wonder no longer:

It’s just a little 4′ tree!  It’s a cute little tree to bring some Christmas cheer to our cute little house.


3 thoughts on “Vacation, Blind Pilot, Puzzling, and Christmas Cheer

  1. Well, you guys sound a lot like us. (except that you are a lot younger!!) Friday nights often are what we call a “crash night” after a long sometimes stressful week. Good food and a bottle of wine are usually in order. We are also fond of attending live music. I noticed that Blind Pilot played in North Hampton MA, not far from us on Nov. 14th. This past Saturday night we went to a benefit concert for Shakespeare & Co. by Alro Guthrie. It’s great that we have such talent in our area that help out the arts in Berkshire county. Local artist James Taylor with Carol King have really been a boost to Tanglewood. We went to a reception for Tanglewood’s announcement of the 2010 schedule a couple of weeks ago and James Taylor and Carol King made a surprise visit!
    We put our tree up this weekend. It’s just a tad larger than yours, maybe 9 feet? Our first Christmas together was a two foot table top tree that we had sent to Ron the Christmas before while he was in Thiland.
    Your tree and decorations are so cute!
    Thanks for sharing the family Thanksgivng pictures.
    Aunt Lyn

  2. I loved seeing pictures of your Thanksgiving in Michigan, the food, the little girls, your family. Your outside lights and tree are great. We are looking forward to celebrating your first Christmas in Seattle.

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