Greek Salad for lunch on a Wednesday

I usually bring pretty straight forward lunches to school.  It’s usually something like a yogurt or soup or a PB&J for my entree.  My side dishes usually consist of a vegetable (carrots) and a fruit (apple or grapes or a banana or something simple.)  Occasionally I’ll have crackers or a granola bar or something.  But today I had this:

Picture 074

Amy's Greek Salad

I made a decision to get a substitute and work from home today using one of my IEP days.  IEPs are the Individualized Education Plans we write for students who receive special education services.  It’s not typical to receive an allotment of IEP Days; it’s just something that my district does as a nice benefit to being a special ed. teacher.  They actually give us the option of choosing extra pay as a stipend for the additional work it takes to manage our caseload of students or choosing the release time.   I always take all the release days because there’s no requirement on how we use these days.  We could use them as mental health days if we want to.  We can work at school or work from home if we choose to actually be productive on an IEP day.  And – we don’t need to concentrate our efforts on IEPs; we can work on whatever we want to.  There’s no one checking in on us when we use these days.

So, today I’m using an IEP day to do a little bit of everything.  I’m working from home on IEPs and other random school things.  I’m also taking advantage of working from home by getting some home projects done, too (like laundry).  (I’m also home so Mr. Appliance could be here to come and fix our fridge.  And, the best part of being home today is that I had time to make a little bit more of an exciting lunch, which is definitely good for my mental health. 🙂


One thought on “Greek Salad for lunch on a Wednesday

  1. I love Greek Salad! Glad to hear that you get and take advantage of your benefit of IEP days! A day for mental health is always good thing. It’s great that you have some good support – Kyle! and at work support regarding your vocational stress. It does sound like you are making progress. I think of you often. And someday I hope we get the opportunity to visit you in Seattle and have you & Kyle “show us the town”; and feed us well too 🙂 LOL. I have a friend that used to live there in her younger days and her dream is to end up back in Seattle someday. She just loved it there!!
    Aunt Lyn

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