I think most of you know that I, Amy, pride myself on being an organized person. I have a rhyme and reason for where things go in the fridge, how the dish towels should fit in their drawer, and how the CD’s are arranged on the shelf.  I love thinking about where things go and why certain things should go together.

So, you can only imagine how much I hate losing things.  In fact, I can only think of two items (which were lost at the same time) that I have never found and it irks me to this day whenever I wonder about where they have possibly gone.

In the past 4 days, I have lost 2 earrings…earrings that I wear regularly.  And that is devastating to me.  They have been lost in situations that have been impossible to retrace my steps because I didn’t know exactly when I lost them and had covered too much area to even begin to know where to look.

So, even though wearing earrings has nothing to do with being organized, the feeling of loss is still the same.  It sucks to lose things.  I was really disappointed when I lost my earrings.  I still feel sick when I think about my 2 lost items that I never recovered.  And just recently, Kyle and I learned of the loss of life of one of Kyle’s dear friends….

There are not words to describe the grief that all of those who knew and loved Kyle’s friend have been going through.  On Saturday night, we were able to participate in a gathering to remember Matt.  It was a helpful coming together of friends and family and gave us a chance to be with like-minded people.

Losing things is no fun.  But, when you can go through a time of loss with someone else who understands that feeling, it becomes all the more bearable.

I hope if you have lost something lately, you have someone close by who can help you bear it.


One thought on “Loss

  1. My Dear Amy, what a beautifully written message. I can relate to all that you have written. I lost my silver Pandora bracelet this past summer. It’s like a charm bracelet only it’s beads. They are beads that were given to me with love and have a special meaning. It made me sick and depressed. I wore it ALL the time. Suddenly one day when I was out doing our banking for work I pushed my sleeve up and it was gone. I retraced my steps, called the bank, alerted everyone I could. It was gone forever. Also this spring, one of our employees comitted suicide. She had MS and had been out of work on a leave of absence. She had been the most positive, fun person with a wonderful smile. We never knew how much pain she was in. Thanks Amy for sharing your “loss”.

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