Kyle Posts a Vacation Retrospective

Amy posted a teaser about a week ago about our anniversary vacation with a couple of photos. I’ll be filling in a few of the blanks…

We have fun memories from our vacation, and I’ll be describing them in no particular order for your consumption.

  1. First night there. Dusk on the beach. About 50 feet offshore a dolphin is (I’m struggling for the right word here. What would you call a dolphin not exactly leaping in the surf but the dorsal fin keeps popping up? breaching?)  It must have popped up 5 or so times. It felt like an auspicious start to the vacation.
  2. Taxi cab rides. I think Amy mentioned that she had never been in a cab in the states, and my experience with cabs is a few late nights in Seattle. I think the daylight adds an exciting element to your average taxi cab experience for a couple of reason. Not only can you see where and how you are going, better than you can at night, but there are way more cars. This leads to an increase in wild driving, shortcuts, and general road mayhem. Our ride from the airport was pretty uneventful, with only one dramatic shortcut, but our ride back to the airport included a fender bender that was pretty awkward. Amy and I sat in the back while everyone exchanged information.
  3. Reading. I read three books on our vacation. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, On the Road by Jack Kerouac, and Collapse by Jared Diamond, and I enjoyed all of them. I mentioned to Amy several times that one of my goals is to be a more consistent reader. I am a pretty serious reader when I actually have a book in front of me, I just need to be better about having books in front of me to read. I need to be heading to the library more often. If anyone has any non-fiction suggestions for me let me know.
  4. Our most memorable meal. Amy posted a photo of our anniversary meal at the Coronado Boathouse. That was a very fun and meaningful meal, but I don’t think it was our most memorable meal.  I think the place was called Village Pizzeria, and it was this brick pizza place with pictures of New York (like the famous photo of the ironworkers eating their lunch on a steel beam) and pictures from the Godfather, etc. We put our name down and walked around city for a 30 or 40 minutes and then headed back and got a seat. We ordered a pitcher of beer and a pizza. Okay, I’m not sure that anyone else will find this funny, but Amy and I are still laughing about this.  The best part of the night was our server. He was probably in high school and was a little bit awkward in his mannerisms. We got our pizza and were settling in and…. It’s time for a little supplement to this story in order to get you prepped right. Most servers will stop by your table after you’ve started eating and ask one of the following questions: Can I get anything else for you? Are you enjoying everything? How is your food tasting? Is everything to your liking? More often than not, they seem to stop by before you’ve even had your first bite, but that is an annoyance for another blog post…. Okay, back to the story. Our sever stops by your table looks only at Amy and says “Is your pizza good?” He emphasized every word and asked it in this really sincere way like he was genuinely intrigued, almost like he was a customer asking us what he should order. Haha! That alone would have put it up there in terms of memorable meals, but what he said at the end of the meal took the cake. We had a few pieces left over that we weren’t going to be able to finish, and he stopped by again and asked us the second standard server question. It was some variation of “are you going to be able to finish your pizza?” I think Amy was the one that said the obligatory “eh, no I think there’s just too much left to finish” or something along those lines. I can’t remember the exact wording. He clasps his hands to his head, like he’s in pain, and in this agonized voice says “Oh No!”  He seemed genuinely upset for us. I think I enjoyed our server so much because he was just a little bit awkward but so sincere.  You probably had to be there to find this funny, but thanks for humoring me.

Okay, so that’s my update on our trip, it seems like we’ve come back from vacation and turned the corner right into fall. The weather here has been weird the last few days, rain, thunderstorms, sun, wind, a tornado about 40 minutes south of here in Buckley, but it also feels like fall on a more abstract level. Work seems to be picking up, the energy and anticipation of the upcoming work is tangible. Now that Amy is getting up earlier than I am to get to school, I’ve been going in to work earlier too, and it’s dark on my drive in to work now.  I’ve even noticed that the music I am listening to is changing. I was listening to Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straights) and Emmylou Harris on a duet album called All The Road Running as I write this post. It’s perfect fall music.

“Well if you’re inclined
To go up on the wall
It can only be fast and high
And those who don’t like the danger
Soon find something different to try
When there’s only a ringin’ in your ears
And an echo down memory lane…”


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