Simple Sangria Recipe and other summer updates

My sister, Katy, requested the recipe for my “famous sangria”.  Get ready Kate – this is complicated!

Amy’s “Famous” Sangria

1) Fill a glass with ice.

2) Slice up some of your favorite fruits into the glass.  (Some of my favorites: strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, peaches.)

3) Pour Carlo Rossi Sangria Wine over the ice and fruit.

4) Enjoy.  🙂

That’s it!  It’s so simple!  I know there are lots of complicated recipes out there that involve muddling and adding brandy and simple syrups, but I’ve found that this simple sangria recipe is the tastiest because you come by it with such great ease.  As far as the fruit goes, you can get as creative as you want.  I could picture doing a more tropical mix with starfruit, kiwi, mango, and pineapple.  You can use apples or citrus or berries.  It’s totally your call.

If I’m serving Sangria for a party, I like to pour the wine into a pitcher or jug that has a spigot and put some fruit in the Sangria to marinate including some pretty orange (and/or other citrus) slices floating at the top.   Then, I leave a bowl of fruit out beside the pitcher along with an ice bucket so guests can add how ever much  – or little – fruit and ice they desire.

There are also some fantastic white wine sangria recipes out there.  In fact, we served one at our wedding that was pretty simple.  It includes your choice white wine, a lemon-lime soda and pretty fruits.  For the white wine sangria, I’d be more inclined to stick with berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and cherries.

I wish I had a picture of my famous concoction for the blog!  Hopefully we’ll have at least one more backyard barbeque at our house this summer so I can capture it for you.  We certainly have enough Sangria to host another party! (Those jugs are pretty big!)  It’s just the date options that are becoming more and more limited…

I am leaving tonight on a red-eye to MI to spend 2 1/2 weeks with my family.  The first part of my trip will be in Ann Arbor at my brother, Ben, and sister-in-law, Heather’s house.  Let’s be real though – I’m mostly there to hang out with my one year old niece, Eleanor.  I hear she’s pretty adorable these days and really fun to play with.  🙂

Then, partway through the trip, my brother and parents will help transport me to Holland by each driving me halfway.  (By the way, my parents are closing on their house in Glen Lake this week and moving down to Holland while I’m in Ann Arbor.  So, I’ll get to see their temporary digs while I’m in Holland.)  The the majority of my Holland trip I’ll be hanging out with my other 9 month old niece, Leila, at my sister, Katy, and brother-in-law, JP’s house.  It’s going to be a fantastic time of being with family and getting to know the newest members of the family better.   I also hope to see some college friends while I’m there, too.

It’ll be strange to be gone from Kyle for so long, though.  He’s not able to take the time off of work to go with me.  We looked at the price of tickets for him to come for part of the time, but it was almost twice as expensive as my ticket, so…he’ll just have to hold out until Thanksgiving when the Wings gather again.

Kyle took me out on a surprise date last night since we’ll be away for so long.  It was really fun to be in the car trying to guess where we’d end up!  Every turn he took made me keep changing my guess as to where we’d end up.  It turned out to be a place we had never been to before, but had heard it highly praised.  We went to Marcello’s.  It’s always a date when we go out to Italian because it’s not really Kyle’s first pick.  Although, he did go out on a limb last night and claim that his dish was the best pasta he had ever had in his entire life!!  (He had the Ravioli Crema and I had the Penne Sicilia.)  We had wine and got an appetizer.  Per Kyle’s suggestion (after reading reviews) we ordered the Bruschetta.  When it came, it was COVERED in piles of diced tomatoes, soI thought I’d have to eat the whole starter myself.  BUT – Kyle even like the tomatoes there!!!  It was clearly a hit and such a treat for me to go out to Italian.

We also decided that it was so fun to have a surprise date night and I liked to be the one being surprised and Kyle liked the one to choose the surprise so much that we are going to do this once a month.

Next month?  We’ll be in San Diego celebrating our anniversary so it’ll be a new place for both of us.  🙂

This has turned out to be much longer than I anticipated and now I should really get going.  There is packing to be done and last minute honey-do lists to write for Kyle. 🙂  See you soon family!


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