Our first backyard BBQ

Today was the last day of school and Kyle and I invited my work friends over to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.  When I first put out the invitation, we had been experiencing A LOT of really warm summer weather.  In fact, it was the beginning of the streak of Seattle’s record-tying 29 days of no rain.  With that dry and warm weather mindset, I said very specifically in the invite that people should think about bringing an outdoor chair and that we should hope for good weather because our house is quite small… –

Do you see where this is going??

No?  Not yet?  Well, let me help you.

Wouldn’t you know, that this – being the 30th day – it rained.  In fact, it poured this morning and then remained damp and overcast as if the sky was ready to open up again at any minute.

So, I got home early from school to get things set up (inside!) for the party.  If you haven’t been to our house, you should know that we have a small kitchen and no dining room.  The kitchen opens up into one living area.  Then there’s our bedroom and an extra room that serves as an office.  In order to set up for the party, I placed all of the chairs we own on every border of the main living area, and added a few folding chairs to the office thinking we would have to cram 20 people inside.

But – the LOVELY thing is that it began to clear just before things were about to begin.  The sun came out and the clouds broke enough to reveal some blue sky for awhile!  So, our party of 20 was able to spread out to the backyard, as was originally intended. 🙂

We enjoyed a large spread of burgers, salmon burgers, and veggie burgers with salads and dips galaore on the side.  I served my famous Sangria and we had a sampling of summery beers.  There was even a Blue Ribbon Award Winning chocolate cake and an apple pie cheesecake for dessert.  Yum!  (Fortunately for me and Kyle, we ended up with most of the leftovers, so we can just keep on partying our way into summer.)

It was an all around fitting entrance to the summer.  And I must say…it was perfectly timed because just after the guests left and Kyle and I began cleaning up, it started to pour again!


2 thoughts on “Our first backyard BBQ

  1. Wing- I was just talking up your sangria the other day. We were at tapas Sanchez and I said I liked yours better. 🙂 Your menu sounds awesome. I really wish you lived closer because I am totally getting into cooking with lots of fresh foods, and could use your advice. I now belong to a CSA so we get fresh veggies once a week and I planted a garden and am now the proud owner of a baby zucchini. I miss you! Good job party planning!

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