In an effort to ease my mind of having potential blog topics hanging around in my head (and in lists in my e-mail inbox) for months on end, I’m going to attempt a quick “photo and comments” post to encompass as many updates as possible into one entry. Know that I would love to be elaborating on each one of these topics as much as I did on the Alderbrook post recently, but I think I’ll feel better just getting them all out there. 🙂

So, starting way back in March…

Jan (my co-worker who invited us to Alderbrook) hosts an annual St. Patrick’s Day Party.  Jan has a lot of Irish blood and throws a fabulous celebration each year.  The goal is always to have everyone dress in green and I think the representation from our department at school did a really nice job dressing the part.  You may recognize Jan and Emily from the Alderbrook post.  The other faces are Elisabeth (my current co-department head and mentor from my first year of teaching)  and Courtney (a Para Educator).

Elisabeth, Jan, me, Emily, Courtney

Elisabeth, Jan, me, Emily, Courtney

At the beginning of May, 3 of my college friends (Oven – whose real name is Sarah, but I’ve never called her that in my life, Warmus – whose real name is Lisa which I use every so often, and Liz – whose real name is Sarah, but goes by Liz) and I had a mini-reunion when we traveled to South Dakota for our other college friend, Jasmine’s, wedding.  The 4 of us came from 4 different states (MI, OH, NY, and WA) but all managed to arrive at the same time in South Dakota.  In fact, 3 of the 4 of us met up in Minneapolis to take the same flight in to Sioux Falls.  I guess considering the size the airport, it’s not too surprising that we would all end up on the same flight.  🙂

The weekend was a fabulous time of reconnecting, reminiscing, and just generally having fun.  Altough I don’t have a picture of this, one of the highlights for me was going to the “Texas Roadhouse” which is a restaurant where they have barrels of peanuts in the shell all over the place.  The greatest part is that you get to throw your shells right on the floor!  🙂

Here’s a photo of us with the bride!

me, Liz, Jasmine, Warmus, Oven

me, Liz, Jasmine, Warmus, Oven

The Wednesday after I got back from the wedding, Warmus and her husband Mark arrived in Seattle for a visit.  Mark was attending a Medical Conference from Thursday-Saturday, but we fit in a whole slew of touristy stuff in Seattle.  We walked Greenlake, we went to Chinook’s for a seafood dinner, we did the Underground Tour, and we did a walking tour of the University of Washington.  Lisa and Mark also did a trip to the Olypmic National Park, and the Oregon Coast the week following Mark’s conference, and came back to Seattle to spend one night at our house before getting on the plane at Sea-Tac the next Saturday morning.  I don’t have any photos from their visit in Seattle.  It’s hard to remember to take the photos when you’re playing tourist in your own hometown!  Maybe Warmus will share some of hers and I’ll post them later.  In the meantime, here’s one of just the two of us that was taken at Jasmine’s wedding.  🙂

Friends :)

Friends 🙂

In other news, Kyle and I just recently purchased a new grill!  We had a small propane grill that was a hand-me-down from Kyle’s grandparents when they moved into an apartment, but this just feels so excited.  Bring on the summer and lots of occassions to grill!! 🙂

The grillmaster, Kyle, with his new toy!

The grillmaster, Kyle, with his new toy!

You’ll also notice Kyle’s brand-spankin’-new Chacos in this photo!  Doesn’t he look so stylish now?!

Also, several months ago we purchased a new couch.  That was our first official  “big” purchase together as a married couple.  Boy, does it feel good to have a REAL couch.  (The one we were using before is one I found for free through Craigslist.  It did the trick for awhile, but it was time to get a real couch that was worth actual money.)

IMGP0721You’re welcome to come over anytime and sit on it with us.  (That’s right, we’ll all have to sit together.  We’re still working on other furniture besides our one sitting chair.)

I think that’s it for now.  Kyle and I have had a super productive weekend of weeding, getting the new grill and putting it together, going to a Sounders game, and doing laundry.  And now, I’m finishing up my post while sipping some red-wine Sangria and fruit.  If you need an introduction to this lovely summer sensation, let me know and I’ll invite you over for a glass of Sangria.  It’s delightful!


3 thoughts on “etc.

  1. Are you making a batch of Sangria for the celebration on the 19th? It does sound delicious and NUTRITIOUS. Happy weeding…

    • Why yes I am! 🙂 I’ll be excited to offer you a glass of the nutritious and delicious treat in just a few weekends!

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