A weekend at Guemes

Kyle’s parents own a cabin on Guemes Island, which is part of the San Juans.  It originally belonged to Kyle’s grandfather and has been in the family since the 1950’s.  It’s a treasured spot to say the least.  The original cabin was (fairly) recently demolished and a new one has been going up in its place for the last couple years.  Let me be quite frank: the new cabin can in no way replace the quaintness of the first.  However, the new cabin does have it perks.  Primarily, it has increased the space to comfortably enjoy a visit with the friends and family you love.

It’s simple and yet luxurious to be at Guemes.  It’s the type of place you go to if you need some intentional relaxtion.  It’s a place to go when you want to fall in love with God’s artistry all over again, and it’s a place to go when you don’t want to be bothered with the hustle and bustle of real life.  And to me, that makes Guemes one of the most ideal places to visit.  Check out this article to learn more.  🙂

Last weekend, Kyle and I spent Friday and Saturday nights on Guemes with our friends Aaron and Elizabeth.  It was a trip that had been in the works for a looooong time, and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. 🙂

We had a very simple agenda.  The only thing we cared about was getting in 3 square meals a day.  🙂  Inbetween the meals, we found time to read, walk on the beach, play games, take naps, and just hang out and chat.  It was one of the most memorable weekends we’ve had in awhile.

pausing for a photo opportunity on the beach

pausing for a photo opportunity on the beach

For my birthday a couple weeks ago, Kyle got me a pair of rubber boots.  I don’t think I’ve ever owned rain boots in my whole life.  (Mom and Dad – you can correct me if I’m wrong.)  I was SOOOOO excited about them.  I couldn’t believe the difference it made to walk on the beach with water-proof boots.  I didn’t have to worry about the waves lapping up onto my feet at all.  Oh the simple joys in life!

Amy's new simple pleasure: rubber boots

Amy's new simple pleasure: rubber boots

On our walk, we discovered this huge pile of kelp…

Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

which we quickly discovered could double as a jump rope!

Action shot of jump-roping! (Check out my hair!)

Action shot of jump-roping! (Check out my hair!)

Needless to say, our weekend was filled with fun, rest, laughter, good food, merry drinks and beautiful sights….


We were so glad to finally share one of our favorite places with Aaron and Elizabeth.  🙂


5 thoughts on “A weekend at Guemes

  1. We have such happy memories of our time there with you. Great article on the island that you attached. Sign us up for a repeat visit any time:)

  2. Cute Boots! I noticed them right away in the 1st photo as something new, even before you mentioned them. And no, you never had rain boots and definitely not fancy ones like you have now!
    Ahhhhh Guemes 🙂 I’m glad for you that you had such a wonderful weekend.

  3. Amy & Kyle,
    Thanks for sharing your special time at Guemes. Sounds like my kind of place!! I love your rain boots! Guess what! I actually own a pair that I have had for years. I love them. They come in handy in mud season. Mine are navy blue with green bottoms; not as fancy as yours!! I liked the website that you attached (very clever) it was very intersting. I’m ready!!!!! Would love to get there some day. (I’ll be sure to pack my rain boots. LOL)
    Aunt Lyn

  4. Amy’s overview of our trip to Guemes was spot-on. It was an amazing weekend…filled with laughter, relaxation, food and drink, music, and, of course, BALDERDASH!

    Thanks again — we’re already looking forward to Guemes the summer edition.

  5. Hey Amy –

    I hope you continue to post such fun stories and pictures!! I hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend so far… and if you ever decide on a trip down the West Coast to SoCal, let us know!!


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